The last thing on my mind that morning was finding love in the most unexpected place.
Seun had come around for his birthday and the whole week had been full of activities which I enjoyed though, but it was also tiring, he always wanted to hang out, have fun without thinking I might want to rest, but can you blame a 2year old.
He means the world to me in more ways than one and trust me, laying my life down for him is an understatement considering how I feel about him.
Yawning lazily as I got into my room, I sprawled on the bed, a break from all the stress, Seun had gone back to his grandma’s so I could at least get some rest, I decided to check my facebook post and right before my eyes, his message popped up and I couldn’t help but smile, yes I must admit he always made me smile.
Not that I’m promiscuous or into men but when it comes to him, things had always been different, he requested that I send him a message which I did without hesitation and bam he called back.
He wanted to know how I had been, wanted to see me and when he realized I was avoiding him, he broke it down, he wants me back!
I couldn’t help but laugh even though I knew he’s serious. I told him let’s see how it goes but I had a gut feeling that I wasn’t serious about this and instead I should just let him know but I wanted to revel and bask in the euphoria of being wanted by ‘him’.
I’m still smiling now, one week down the line n I’m sure I want to make this work.