Paris, they say is the city of love, she thought to herself as she drove home from work on a crazy night after such a long day as she had.
Even me can’t find love in paris, she whispered aloud, thinking of the city she had always dreamed of spending at least an holiday if she had the means.
Her day had been long truly, she woke up late, had to drop her son at school, and only to get to the office to face a client that had been on her neck to have lunch with him.
Man problem was the last thing on Daniella’s bucket list and from the first day Arthur set his eyes on her, he requested that she should be his personal lawyer, personal as to handle all his legal affairs which the firm took care of and her boss did not hesitate considering the money involved.
Arthur cut out as the rugged, handsome, tall and well built man and single too, ladies swoon around him like flies hover around honey, he knew this and therefore had this aura of ‘I can get any woman at the snap of my finger’. At least this was the case until D as he loved to call her.
D, pretty, dark, homely, warm and sexy, a mother of one struck her as the woman of his dreams, intelligent is an understatement for what she carries in her brain, beauty and brain, jackpot! He had to have her.