Seeing her that morning made Arthur say it out loud, ‘I must have her’! A startled Daniella looked back and saw him but all he focused on was her body, her hair packed in pony tail, light make up, sexy red lips oozing of kisses, the shirt she wore was decent butt still showed a little of the voluptuous breasts, her hourglass shape and the straight legs, damn, zeus and cupid must have shot at him straight.
Good morning, Mr Arthur, would you please come this way, she said marching to the board room, any thing to get away from this devil incarnate, Mr Arthur, considering the vast estates you have instructed our firm to manage and the matter in court being of great importance if we can win, I’ll like to refer your file to one of my seniors who is well…. Non he bellowed as the words roll out of her mouth, my instincts have never failed me and if it tells me that you are the one, then I trust that you are.
Here you are, Chief Ade, the principal partner sang as he stepped into the room, D could not help but wonder why this man has been exceptionally sweet to Arthur, money they say is the key that opens all doors.
Yes chief, Athur answered, I was just inviting Daniella here to the get together held in my honor by my friends holding at ocean view tomorrow night, I hope I have the honor of having her as my woman for the night, but…. Daniella was saying, oh yes she will come with you, we owe you the duty of care to make sure you are in good hands and Daniella here is the best we can offer on your request.
I have become an object to be offered she thought to herself, good heavens! She exclaimed as she stepped into her office, if only men were more fair….
The day dragged on and as usual, her monster was back at lunch time offering to take her to eat, reluctantly she followed, ate and listened to the gibberish talk, drifting her mind back to her love life…
Having David was the best thing that ever happened to her, the but was his father was married and due to her foolishness but love for her child decided to keep the baby, though families and friends castigated her, she was glad at the end that she kept her baby and had to work hard to take care of him.
She was willing to stick with her baby’s father but considering all she started going through from her inlaws and the wife at home, she moved on after a while. After this, she had her fair share from the hands of men and vowed not to let anything come before her child, the reason for the smile in her eyes, and the man in front of her will be taking her away from him for a night, David will understand though, she thought aloud, understand what, his question jolted her back to reality and she muttered something inaudible.