So how has life been generally? He asked again sensing she didn’t hear the first time, and also wondered what could be on her mind that she was so carried away; life’s been good but you know like they say, life in itself is not always fair.

That’s correct but i must say, life has also dealt me with my fair share before getting to this stage and life goes on you know, who knows what tomorrow will bring, we can only hope for the best. So i’m sure your boyfriend or fiance must be a very jealous one, you don’t let your guards down easily and that got me thinking that it must be because of him but on second thought, you’ve also got standards and maybe i dont fit into such.

Daniella smiled genuinely for the first time since her encounter with the devil sitted across to her from the table, maybe it’s the standard, she replied. That’s really cool then i suppose but you should learn to have fun once in a while. Thank you so much, if you don’t mind i have to get back to work.

Yes he exclaimed, thanks for honouring the date, uuhhnn, she said, i meant coming out with me for lunch, i appreciate it. Arthur, can i ask you for something, since he had requested that they relate on first name basis, yes go ahead; could you get someone else to stand in for me at your dinner, i have a 5 year old son to take care of after work.

He sighed, he wasn’t going to let go easily, he also had a son too, what a coincidence, all i need is your address, i will personally pick you up at 7pm with your son and he could hang out with mine , i’ve a baby sitter who will take care of them; it was her turn to sigh, at least he had a son and probably a wife somewhere but why result to giving your child care thorugh a baby sitter and not his mother, she thought; as if reading her thoughts, he said, his mum is late, im very sorry about that, she replied sharply. Shall we? the address; i’ll send it by sms before the end of the day.

She then decided to pick a dress she had been eyeing in a boutique close to her house the following day, she loved it, the sharp color, the cut and every thing about i
It, she was sure it will be her perfect size. And yes, she was going to make a statement with her looks for once; she smiled remembering the rumours been carried on around the office as to how she was an unhappy old baggage and how she wouldn’t look any different even if she was clothed by Prada.

They were in for a shock!


Seeing her that morning made Arthur say it out loud, ‘I must have her’! A startled Daniella looked back and saw him but all he focused on was her body, her hair packed in pony tail, light make up, sexy red lips oozing of kisses, the shirt she wore was decent butt still showed a little of the voluptuous breasts, her hourglass shape and the straight legs, damn, zeus and cupid must have shot at him straight.
Good morning, Mr Arthur, would you please come this way, she said marching to the board room, any thing to get away from this devil incarnate, Mr Arthur, considering the vast estates you have instructed our firm to manage and the matter in court being of great importance if we can win, I’ll like to refer your file to one of my seniors who is well…. Non he bellowed as the words roll out of her mouth, my instincts have never failed me and if it tells me that you are the one, then I trust that you are.
Here you are, Chief Ade, the principal partner sang as he stepped into the room, D could not help but wonder why this man has been exceptionally sweet to Arthur, money they say is the key that opens all doors.
Yes chief, Athur answered, I was just inviting Daniella here to the get together held in my honor by my friends holding at ocean view tomorrow night, I hope I have the honor of having her as my woman for the night, but…. Daniella was saying, oh yes she will come with you, we owe you the duty of care to make sure you are in good hands and Daniella here is the best we can offer on your request.
I have become an object to be offered she thought to herself, good heavens! She exclaimed as she stepped into her office, if only men were more fair….
The day dragged on and as usual, her monster was back at lunch time offering to take her to eat, reluctantly she followed, ate and listened to the gibberish talk, drifting her mind back to her love life…
Having David was the best thing that ever happened to her, the but was his father was married and due to her foolishness but love for her child decided to keep the baby, though families and friends castigated her, she was glad at the end that she kept her baby and had to work hard to take care of him.
She was willing to stick with her baby’s father but considering all she started going through from her inlaws and the wife at home, she moved on after a while. After this, she had her fair share from the hands of men and vowed not to let anything come before her child, the reason for the smile in her eyes, and the man in front of her will be taking her away from him for a night, David will understand though, she thought aloud, understand what, his question jolted her back to reality and she muttered something inaudible.

Paris, they say is the city of love, she thought to herself as she drove home from work on a crazy night after such a long day as she had.
Even me can’t find love in paris, she whispered aloud, thinking of the city she had always dreamed of spending at least an holiday if she had the means.
Her day had been long truly, she woke up late, had to drop her son at school, and only to get to the office to face a client that had been on her neck to have lunch with him.
Man problem was the last thing on Daniella’s bucket list and from the first day Arthur set his eyes on her, he requested that she should be his personal lawyer, personal as to handle all his legal affairs which the firm took care of and her boss did not hesitate considering the money involved.
Arthur cut out as the rugged, handsome, tall and well built man and single too, ladies swoon around him like flies hover around honey, he knew this and therefore had this aura of ‘I can get any woman at the snap of my finger’. At least this was the case until D as he loved to call her.
D, pretty, dark, homely, warm and sexy, a mother of one struck her as the woman of his dreams, intelligent is an understatement for what she carries in her brain, beauty and brain, jackpot! He had to have her.


The last thing on my mind that morning was finding love in the most unexpected place.
Seun had come around for his birthday and the whole week had been full of activities which I enjoyed though, but it was also tiring, he always wanted to hang out, have fun without thinking I might want to rest, but can you blame a 2year old.
He means the world to me in more ways than one and trust me, laying my life down for him is an understatement considering how I feel about him.
Yawning lazily as I got into my room, I sprawled on the bed, a break from all the stress, Seun had gone back to his grandma’s so I could at least get some rest, I decided to check my facebook post and right before my eyes, his message popped up and I couldn’t help but smile, yes I must admit he always made me smile.
Not that I’m promiscuous or into men but when it comes to him, things had always been different, he requested that I send him a message which I did without hesitation and bam he called back.
He wanted to know how I had been, wanted to see me and when he realized I was avoiding him, he broke it down, he wants me back!
I couldn’t help but laugh even though I knew he’s serious. I told him let’s see how it goes but I had a gut feeling that I wasn’t serious about this and instead I should just let him know but I wanted to revel and bask in the euphoria of being wanted by ‘him’.
I’m still smiling now, one week down the line n I’m sure I want to make this work.